Back & Neck Herniated Disc Rejuvenation

The Breakthrough Solution To Ending Your Back Pain!

Discover Why So Many Treatments Fail And Why Medications, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic,Spinal Injections, Even Surgery May NOT Be The Answer!

Getting Your Life Back May Be Easier Than You Think

How long have you been suffering chronic back pain from degenerative disc disease? Months? Years? Over a decade? If you’re still in pain despite your doctors’ best thinking, it doesn’t mean your back pain is beyond help. And it certainly doesn’t mean you’re doomed to suffer for the rest of your life.

Quite the contrary—it simply means you probably had the wrong treatments or maybe even in the wrong sequence—whether it was pain meds, pain management injections, physical therapy, chiropractic or back surgery.

You may have the #1 orthopedist or neurologist in the world. But, if you are still in pain months or years later, you may still be able to enjoy an active pain-free life again.

Most doctors are well intentioned but they only know what’s in their “bag of tricks”. Often times several approaches need to be performed in a synergistic fashion.

SDR (Spinal Disc Rejuvenation) is a combination of specialized therapies to allow your disc to heal and repair without drugs, injections or surgery. This advanced natural approach to herniated disc treatment has been the solution for many people just like you in Ashburn VA and surrounding communities.

Patient Comment:
Patient B. McCallum was thrilled with her treatment with Dr. Thompson. “Now I can bend without back pain and continue to play cards without pain…Before treatment, I would sit at night and my legs would bother me. However, when the back pain went away the leg pain went away. Now I can do it all without pain!”

The #1 One Question You Absolutely Must Ask your Doctor

Before you agree to any back pain treatment, remember to ask this important question: “Doctor, does the treatment help repair my degenerated disc?” If he says, “No, it won’t,” Seek another opinion.

Why Standard Treatments Don’t Permanently Eliminate Back Pain

The standard treatments most doctors recommend for chronic, debilitating back pain all have one terrible flaw in common: They don’t treat the cause of your pain—they only treat the symptoms. A very common and unfortunate approach has been...

  1. Pain medications to mask the pain, and if that doesn’t work,
  2. Stronger medications, and if that doesn’t work,
  3. Pain management injections like cortisone and steroids, and if that doesn’t work,
  4. Physical therapy to exercise your muscles, and if that doesn’t work,
  5. Surgery to remove the degenerated disc and maybe fused the bones together, and if that doesn’t work,
  6. Recommend a second back surgery, and if that doesn’t work…then you're told you'll just have to live with it!

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Whooaa! Let’s Slow Down the Treatment Merry-Go-Round for a Minute!

You may have been going down this winding road for a long time, and it’s not your fault. This symptom based approach often pushed by many doctors and drug companies, does not address the root cause of your back problem; and you end up going around and around in a vicious never ending cycle of pain.

And even worse, because your disc isn’t getting repaired, it’s actually getting much worse because you're just sticking a Band-Aid on your pain without eliminating the underlying cause.

Patient Comment:
“I’ve suffered from chronic lower pain for several years,” patient K. Stoltz explained. “In the past, I’ve seen chiropractors who would adjust, but never provide reasons for why the pain kept happening or offer ideas on how to prevent it. Dr. Thompson’s thoroughness and comprehensive care has me feeling better and stronger now than any time in the past 10 years.”

Does Anybody Ever Get Better after Back Surgery?

This disturbing statistic reveals the truth. University research studies report that back surgery has a success rate of 47%-50%. Back Surgery may offer temporary relief of leg pain (rarely low back pain) or none at all! Not surprising when you understand that back surgery does not improve the health of your degenerated disc. However, some back problems go uncorrected for so long and progress so far, that surgery becomes the only option. Don't let that happen to you.

Tick…Tick…Tick... Time Is Not Your Friend

Under the right circumstances, the living tissue in your disc has the natural ability to heal, and Dr. Shandon Thompson knows how to recreate those healing circumstances with our natural Spinal Disc Rejuvenation (SDR) Method.

At our practice, we treat the real cause of your problem without pain pills or surgery and most patient feel significant relief in as little as a couple visits.

Imagine—your disc is healed and your excruciating back pain is gone! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It’s not a dream--it can be your new reality.

Patient Comment:
“I came to Dr. Thompson as a last resort,” patient R. Rivera said. “After years of experiencing agonizing back pain, I just believed I had to live with the back pain since no other doctor or therapy worked…After just one visit with Dr. Thompson I was educated on the causes of my pain and the steps needed to get me better. He provided me with a thorough explanation that I actually understood. Bottom line – after three appointments I felt better and my back pain improved significantly!”

The Difference between a Damaged Spinal Disc and a Healthy Pain-free Disc

Healthy Discs: As you walk and move, healthy spinal discs are constantly pumping water, oxygen and nutrients in and out of the discs at each level of your spine. This is called “the pump mechanism of disc nutrition.”

Degenerated Discs: When your pump mechanism begins to fail due to repetitive stress on the disc or an underlying trauma, this failure occurs without you even knowing it is happening. The disc then begins to lose its water, oxygen and nutrients. It becomes weak and starts losing disc height and bulges outside of its normal shape, pressing on spinal nerves and causing pain.

Now you’re beginning to understand the big difference between standard, unsuccessful treatments for spinal disc problems and our Spinal Disc Rejuvenation (SDR) Method of treatment:

Don't fall into the trap of just focusing on treating symptoms - focus on healing the underlying problem.